Yellow Earth

Director: Bouna Chérif FOFANA & Sitou AYITE / Mali / Togo


Yellow Earth is an immersion into the world of Mali gold mines through the profile of four Malians who have chosen to change their own destiny and the one of their community: a mayor who promotes a return to agriculture and fights for young people to leave the gold panning field; A woman who understood that the gold panning and promises of the State and mining companies are only delusions, and therefore struggles through a women’s entrepreneurship association; A 15-year-old who has never set foot in school and must act as an adult to get his family out of poverty; Finally, a man who worked for 11 years in a mining company before being dismissed overnight and now fights to find work to provide for his two daughters.

Producer: Madjé AYITE / Togo

Producer’s note

Yellow Earth is the third collaboration of Universal Grace Production with Mali.

Producing this film is perfectly obvious since it fulfills the selection criteria of our production company: making socially committed films in order to make society better, more pleasant to live.

The universe explored by this documentary is very particular. It uncovers lifestyles unknown until now and such a force of survival of the characters that it is absolutely necessary to show it to the world. Five years of research only increase the mastery of the subject by the duo formed by Bouna Cherif Fofana and Sitou Ayite. In this film we find a feminine sensibility and a privileged access to a previously taboo world.