Imagine this

Director: Sade ADENIRAN / Nigeria


Imagine This is the animated adaptation of an award-winning book, by the same name. It follows the fortunes of Lola Ogunwole, a young girl who is wrenched from the life she knows in London and sent to live with relatives in a rural village in Nigeria. Dogged by events she has no control over, she is separated from the brother she loves and abandoned by her father. Lola must find the strength to adapt to a new way of life and find a way to mend her broken family.

Producer: Belinda YANGA-AGEDAH / Nigeria

Producer’s note

There are three elements that excite me most in any story; written by a woman, real life, and African.

“Imagine this” has all of these and more. Set in Nigeria, we follow a young girl on her journey to self-discovery as she deals with the many challenges real life throws at her.

I like real life stories; it reminds us of our own experiences. We all have experiences of Joy, Sadness, of Love and Loss and the courage to triumph… All the elements that make an interesting, compelling drama.

The writer has woven all these elements so beautifully and I look forward to joining her in seeing her vision translated from paper to screen.