Duba, The scavengers

Director: Eric Hervé R. LENGANI / Burkina Faso


As he was getting ready to enjoy this beautiful morning, the news was broken to him: “Pierre has just passed away! He must be locally buried as soon as possible. We can’t afford to transfer the body to his village.”
His world is instantly turned upside down. The true human nature reveals itself to Rasmané. Everywhere, the doors close. At the church, he is told, “Pierre was not baptized. No Christian burial for him!”. At the mosque, they reply: “Pierre, this is a Christian name! It’s a sin to bury a non-Muslim.”
What to do with this body that no one wants to take? How can we deny to a human being this last gesture of charity, under the pretext of not belonging to any religious community?

Producer: Moustapha SAWADOGO / Burkina Faso

Producer’s note

History of mankind makes it clear that no concept has been such a source of conflict, controversy and war than religion. Daily news tells us of killings and persecutions committed in the name of faith, God, religion. Everything happens as if war and violence were consubstantial to religion. Having always been concerned by the issues of peaceful coexistence, human happiness and harmony, we wish to make this film to talk about religion, charity and solidarity. This “almost banal” fact, death, opens a window to make us think, maybe even cry, but also laugh, and love the world…