Bori Bana

Director: Joël AKAFOU / Côte d’Ivoire


Mr Kaboré, accused of compromising State security, is imprisoned in Ouagadougou and his newspaper is sealed. Lorenzo, his only son, begins a process of rehabilitation of his father. Alone and in danger in his country, Lorenzo goes to Côte d’Ivoire to pursue his quest. With the help of his cousin, he creates a website for the release of his father, on which he also publishes confidential information on misappropriation of public funds. With the help of a documentary filmmaker, he discovers evidences that could innocent his father…

Producer: Floriane ZOUNDI / Burkina Faso

Producer’s note

Bori Bana is inspired by current and daily realities of Africa. There are countless journalists killed because of their papers. The story of Mr Kaboré reflects the everyday life of this profession where one is tracked down for having done his job. I am convinced that this film will turn into a reference, notably because it documents, in immersion, a story that deals with freedom of the press. It is also an innovative project in its subject and ambitious in its form. But it’s the subtlety that it contains that most encouraged me to totally commit myself to Bori Bana. The production process is built over time. Developed in tandem author-director – producer, the project participated in March 2017 at the writing residence of the Luxor African Film Festival in Egypt. It was a first selection that encouraged us to continue to write.