Director: Félicien M. ASSOGBA / Benin


Sènan is a doctor who lives and works in Paris. A call from her mother forces her to return to Benin to protect her community from a devastating epidemic. The villagers believe that the cause of the disease is a curse and ask Sènan to recover “Minonnan”, a sacred statuette carried away during a colonial expedition, since its return would promote abundance and health. Then begins a great adventure in which myths, beliefs and thirst for justice are intermingled.

Producer: Frédy Boris AGBLO / Benin

Producer’s note

Africa is rich in its culture and values. As soon as this project was presented to me, instantly I loved it because it highlights the realities of the continent. This is not an anti-colonial film, but it is critical and deals with crucial values for the influence of Africa. We want to make an original, beautiful, strong and committed film; and we hope that it will be seen by the widest possible audience. We stand for an Africa proud of its sons and these latter proud of their roots.